Town Hall

The Dodge City Town Hall was built in 1997, four years after the town’s incorporation in 1993. It was a state of the art facility at that time, and many thought it was too much for such a small town, but it has proven over the years to be an invaluable asset to the town and community.

Courthouse Annex

The west wing of the Town Hall houses the Dodge City Annex of the Cullman County Courthouse. By servicing the community with vehicle and boat registration, property taxes, and license renewals, much pressure has been relieved from the county courthouse. The community also greatly enjoys the convenience. The annex phone number is (256) 287-3200

Community Center

Located in the basement of the Town Hall, the Dodge City Community Center is a multifunction facility complete with a kitchen and large capacity bathrooms. The community center also doubles as a certified community storm shelter. This facility has served a multitude of purposes such as wedding receptions, company meetings and family reunions. The rental fee is also very reasonable at $75 a day. If you do not wish to be responsible for the cleanup, an additional $75 will relieve you of that responsibility. Simply call the town hall at (256) 287-0364 to reserve.

Perry Ray Park

The Dodge City Park is located in a scenic hollow directly behind the Town Hall. The park features a pavilion, playground, concrete walking track, restrooms, outdoor classroom, and a beautiful creek that winds its way throughout.

Natural Wastewater Treatment System

When Dodge City was incorporated, the leaders had the future and growth of the new town in mind. By installing a state-of-the-art, all-natural wastewater treatment facility, the town has opened doors to a wider variety of businesses. All this has been accomplished while having a minimal impact on the environment.